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GHR Clear-Vu Hybrid Receivers

Premium Clear-Vu™ receivers for easy visual status on loading.

  • 5 lb, 10 lb & 20 lb (2.2 L, 4.5 L and 9 L) receivers
  • Integrates with Maguire & third-party conveying equipment
  • Hopper choices to load feeder

System Compatibility

GHR Glass-Vu Hybrid Receivers integrate with the existing range of Maguire conveying equipment: 

Maguire MLS Loading System

  • Localized central conveying for beside the machine.
  • Flexible and compact – 3 vacuum pump sizes from 1 HP/0.75 kW to 11 HP / 7.5 kW.

FlexBus Receiver Control

  • Control interface for FlexBus central systems.
  • FlexBus Lite compatible.
  • Allows third party interface via 24 VDC.
  • Easily convert third-party receiver to run on FlexBus.
  • Quick & easy to retrofit.
  • 24 VDC / 110 V interface for third-party system options. 
  • User benefits from the latest controls to utilize the equipment and expand conveying as required. 

Simple Access & Maintenance

Simple Cleaning

  • Hinged lid incorporated in design.
  • Easy filter access and cleaning.

Fast Action Slide Gate (patent pending)

  • Prevents pellet entrapment during material discharge.
  • Discharge slide gate does not invade the hopper that is being filled.
  • Eliminates clogging and frequent loss of vacuum (common with models using “dump flap” discharge.

Easy Setup & Monitoring

  • Clear-vu chamber allows for full view of filling status.
  • Easy setup and monitoring of material changes.

Patented Filter Cleaning

  • Patented “blow-back” filter cleaning.
  • Clears the entire filter area.
  • Can be set to occur at the end of every load to avoid fines from collecting on filter.

Receiver & Hopper Choices

Receiver Choices

The Maguire GHR receivers are suited for loading a wide range of granular free flowing materials. Conveying to blenders, feeders, drying hoppers and machine hoppers.

Conveying Flexibility

  • The GHR receiver is available in 24DC, 24AC, 115 VAC, and 230 VAC to meet your individual conveying requirements.

ASRH Hopper Choices

  • ASRH hopper with AVR-1 to load a feeder. 

Clear-Vu™ Features at a Glance

1. Superior Clear-Vu™ Body

Clear-Vu body allows for superior ease of use, to see loading status from any point around the process.

3. Conveying Flexibility

The GHR Receiver is available in 24DC, 24AC, 115 VAC and 230 VAC to meet your conveying requirements.

5. Clogging Eliminated

Patent pending fast action slide gate to prevent pellet entrapment during material discharge.

123456Photo of GHR Clear-Vu Hybrid Receivers

2. Hinged Lid Access

Allows easy access for fast cleaning to filter and interior of loader to be able to wipe down glass body.

4. Air Cannon Filter Cleaning

Patented air blast filter cleaning option for high dust applications.

6. 5 Year Warranty

Industry leading, comprehensive 5 Year Warranty.