Sheet Extrusion Process

Maguire provide a wide range of equipment solutions to gain the maximum possible efficiency for all types of plastics Sheet Extrusion applications, for mono and co-extrusion processes, as well as coating and lamination lines.

Products used by sheet processors from Maguire include Feeders for masterbatch and additive dosing on side layer applications, Gravimetric Blending for full materials control, allowing maximum regrind and flake to be blended gravimetrically back into process, conveying systems to support handling of raw materials whatever the location, and ULTRA dryers for drying granule materials for prime materials as well as materials for barrier applications.

With the Maguire + Syncro partnership we can provide further integrated solutions including extrusion control to monitor and control kg/h / gram per meter and layer ratio control, through to downstream inline gauging.

Maguire has extensive experience with thousands of lines in Sheet, Coating and Lamination processes globally and serve a diverse range of industries from all types of thermoformed packaging for Food and Medical applications, Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, Housewares, to Technical applications for electronics applications such as LED sheet or Battery films.

Maguire Sheet Extrusion Experience

Sheet Extrusion Benefits

WSB 240R

WSB Gravimetric Blenders

Quick payback. Process fluffy scrap accurately. Regrind control.

WXB Gravimetric 460 Blender

WXB Gravimetric Blenders

Up to 10% material cost reduction from automatic gram/meter / micron regulation.


ULTRA Dryers

ULTRA low energy drying. Faster start-ups, minimal maintenance, reduced footprint.

MGF Feeders

MGF Gravimetric Feeders

Savings up to 10% via Yield Control for sheet extrusion. 

Maguire Blender with MLS Pump

Conveying Systems

Material conveying solutions for small, medium & large applications.

LPD Dryers

LPD Dryers

Energy efficient drying for small lb/hr technical drying.

MS4 PeriStaltic Pump

Liquid Color Pumps

Easy and precise metering of liquid color & additives.



Smart unloading for gaylords & octobins.


LIW Loss-in-Weight

Automatically regulate extruder and haul-off speeds to always be on target.

Automatic Air Ring

Automatic Air Ring

Automatic air ring with APC option to increase line output and efficiency.

IBC Control

IBC & Layflat Control

Precise layflat control - automatically control and manage blower balance and increase cooling efficiency.

RaYxscan Scanner - Non-barrier film

Gauging Control

Wide range of gauging solutions for film, cast and flat sheet extrusion.

Alpha Inline Recycling

Inline & Offline Recycling

Recycle primary grade scrap into primary grade product directly.

LowPro Loaders

LowPro Conveying System

Ideal for individual conveying applications for single and multiple material stations.

Volumetric Feeders

Volumetric Feeders

Volumetric feeders for granule, powder, regrind and liquid.

PRS Purging Recovery System

PRS Purging Recovery

Transform purgings into high quality regrind.