Maguire Support

ULTRA Low Energy Dryer

ULTRA Dryers

The first ULTRA Low Energy Dryers. Drying costs so low, it's almost free.

VBD Standard Controller

VBD Dryers

Second development vacuum batch, low energy drying technology - larger sizes up to 1,000 lb/hr

LPD Low Energy Dryer

LPD Dryers

The first generation of Maguire's low energy drying technology for 30-200 lb/hr (14-90 kg/hr).

WSB Blender

WSB Gravimetric Blenders

The world's most popular Gravimetric Blender range with 60K units sold worldwide.

WXB Gravimetric Blender

WXB Gravimetric Blenders | For Extrusion Processes

The WXB Gravimetric Batch Blender includes a fully integrated Loss-in-Weight mix...

LIW Loss in Weight Hopper

LIW Loss-in-Weight

For all continuous extrusion processes. Automatic extrusion control - savings up to 10%.

Maguire + Syncro WXB Blender


Modular upgrades for extrusion lines. Improve control and make savings with Maguire+Syncro.

MGF Gravmetric Feeder

MGF Gravimetric Feeders

Simple self-calibrating Gravimetric Feeders for every extrusion and molding process.

MCF Volumetric Feeder

Volumetric Feeders

The original feeders for molding & extrusion - for granule, powder, regrind and liquid.

Maguire MS4 Color Pump

Liquid Color Pumps

Easy and precise metering of liquid color & additives for molding and extrusion applications.

Maguire Gravimetric Blender, on a floor stand with vacuum pump and materials receivers.

Conveying Systems

Wide range of materials conveying solutions for small, medium and large applications.

Maguire Sweeper


Removes manual intervention with smart unloading for gaylords & octabins.

Maguire G2 Communications

Data - G2 Software

Maguire blender communications: G2 software.

Data - Third-Party Integrations

Data - Third Party

Maguire blender communications: connections to third-party systems.

PRS Purging Recovery

Recover purgings safely with Maguire's unique two-stage Purging Recovery System.

Fusion Gravimetric Blender and Feeder combined with a single interface


Combines the world's #1 gravimetric blender with our proven gravimetric feeders.

Tracker Monitoring and Reporting Software

Tracker Monitoring and Reporting Software

Web-based software provides comprehensive equipment monitoring and control capabilities.

Extrusion Control

Extrusion Control

Intuitive, extrusion touchscreen control